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3 photographer, 3 locations, 3 looks and 1 model

Päivitetty: 12. tammi 2020

So I got an opportunity to do the 3 photographers challenge, each photographer has to create their own photoshoot and then everyone takes images from the others ideas in 3 minutes.

Jessica Kobeissi has created this idea and we did it also. Just out of curiosity and really see that how photographer work.

Our model was Aino

The make-up and hair was Tiina Willman handwrite

Other photographers were

Iiro Rautiainen and Atte Tanner

Have to say that 3 minutes is a short time, but surprisingly I got really good shots! It was a real bitty that we could not work longer time with those look after the 3 minutes. You could work a lot more in each location.

The first photo session was Atte’s idea. The shoot went in a big panic ;D and it was a super windy day so it was a bit a of challenge. But I just love the look and location that Atte created.

The second photo shoot was mine. I really thought that I had really good plan and execution, but honestly it didn’t work at all. So I also had big panic attack again, especially because I was that first one to shoot.

The last location and look was Iiro’s. That felt really strange for me. Iiro created a really different world in his photo’s that I could never do. I got really good image’s! It was a super fun location and look!

I think that Aino was under a lot of stress, because she had to live out our instructions really fast and still look good in the image. We all were really panicking in the photo shoots. I had a little bit of an advantige, because I have done a photo sessions with Aino before.

Have to say that I learned a lot from that day (something that even assisting other photographer I haven’t learned).

Especially one thing, 3 minutes can be enough to get a good shot.

Thank you for this day, it was really fun day and experience!

Go and see the video and you can see other photos also


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