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After photo session

Päivitetty: 16. joulu 2019

So what happens after my photo session?

This doesn’t mean it’s the right way, just your own way.

This is how I work.

I don’t know why, I do it like this because it works for me.

Of course I download the images to my hard drives.

I usually use Adobe Bridge to select the images.

I go review the images, I put two stars marking the images I like.

After that I review the images over again and put more or less stars depending on how I like the image.

In Adobe Brigde you can colour label the image's, I put red one for those that will get deleted

You can rate images there and that I use a lot

Other information are for example: file types, keywords, Author name, date created, date modified, Orientation

So after the image selection is done and the whole set in compelted Bridges information will looks like this.

Selecting the images is the best part and also the hardest, but after a while it doesn’t take too long. But there is always an exception to the rule, One time I spent two days selecting images because there were three models and over 1000 images. Finding the perfect set that each image works separately and combined.

Wedding images are also difficult, there are so many images and you want to tell the entire story of that day and present perfect images.

Do you have your own workflow for this?

Then I open the images to Photoshop and open with raw converter.

So here is screenshot for one of my image that I have worked with raw conventer:

I adjust the image:

  • exposures

  • Contrast

  • White balance

  • Some colors if needed

So I will have a good base and information to start editing.

Then I start trying to over-do and see what can be done.

I also try black and white.

It is so easy to just click and pull different adjustments so I play with them.

But when I open it to Photoshop I just fix the exposure and white balance so I don’t go crazy there.

In Photoshop I take spots away, fix thing that need to be fixed.

If there is a portrait or fashion style image I look at the skin tones.

Then I just play around. The combinations that can be good in the image: the style, coloring, contrast etc overall that I want to tell the story with the image

Do you usually just have filters and just decide what filter you use??

Basically you just do this same thinking by deciding what filter you use and do it and do it by ''hand''.

What programme do you use for image selection and editing?

I do know that in Lightroom and CaptureOne you can do both.


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