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All about light

Päivitetty: 20. joulu 2019

Every images needs light so the camera is able to capture the image to the frame or film. It is not just what you are trying to capture in your image, it is basically the light you are capturing that creative’s the image.

Light is vey important to photographers.

These images has been taken with the same model, same day and same place. Only thing that has change is the light and the look.

First you need to understand how your camera works and captures light. After that, light gives you a good challenge and creativity. Images are all about light.

There are a lot of different types of lights: studio flash, natural light and different kind of artificial light Every light has a different kind of character. They are unique and individual and color of every light is different.

  • Halogen is usually cold tone

  • Light bulb is warm and yellow so it gives warm feeling to the image or a bit dirty color.

  • Fluorescent lamp gives light usually green or red kind of a tone

  • studio flash and sun is white. But not even studio flash always gives a white tone.

  • Natural light is different in bright day compared to yellow sunset.

Color of the light gives you so much different feel to the image. Of course it can change the tone by editing image, but that is not always so easy.

Light can also be hard or soft or something between them. That is very critical to understand. Light hardness gives personality to the image. What kind of feels it is what you want to the image?

Last but not the least how much light is in the image.

Is it taken at night time where there is just a little light or bright day where is plenty of light? Images could be low key (where the light just a little) or high key (which is a very bright image).

These three things in light affect the image:

  1. Color,

  2. Hardness

  3. How much you used light

These defines your image.

As a photographer you have to know your equipment and also make the use of it and what the location has to offer, all the possibility. You have to understand light and how to use in.

Light in images is like how artists uses there brushes in paintings.

Thank u Amanda! <3


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