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Before and now –your always learning

I don’t really know when I started photographing. I got my first camera while I was in middle school, and now I have my second camera, so I haven’t gotten that far yet. How I started photography? I really no that good at drawing or paint and didn’t understand anything about art. I just got addicted to photography. There are so many different kinds of photography: creative, technical, documentary, telling stories etc. Just seeing things and skill to remove and crop things and finding these small interesting things is so rewarding. First I was interested in capturing moments. Just seeing something that others didn’t. I was taken by the technical part, when I started to learn. The possibilities and taking these to the limits and making it work is so interesting. Now I am interested in light, shapes and people. Of course in photography you can get stuck at the same place, but not really. Everything/everyone is an individual just changing the lights and where you are standing makes a difference to the image.

So as I promised, old image and todays!

So here you can see my first product photography pratice, flash practising and some images of my dog. These image has been taken 2013-2015

Similar image taken 2017-2019

I have had a long trip with photography, and enjoying every moment.


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