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Blog Post For You Who Is Going To Photo Shoot!

Päivitetty: 10. helmi 2020

How do you prepare yourself for a photo session?

These tips are for portrait and boudoir photo session.

· You don’t have to be nervous

If you are going to a photo shoot for the first time, you can always ask questions from the photographer. If you are enjoying yourself you can see it in the images.

· If you have some special wishes or requests, tell them to the photographer. Tell them where or why you need the images

· Choose a photographer who’s images you like! This is important, that means that you will like the photographers style.

Some tips and items you should bring

 with you:

1. Hair brush (you want to brush your hair just before the shoot, it looks nicer/cleaner)

2. Hairspray (some photographers have this at there studio, but you should keep a one small bottle just in case).

3. Lip balm (or lipstick if you have dry lips use lip balm or remember to check your lipstick)

4. Hand cream (if it is winter and your hand are dry this is a must!)

5. Powder, that is yours! Just to even the skin a bit. You can also put a bit more make-up on then usually.

6. Ladies fix your nails, if you have leftovers from your nail polish remove them.

The first four also include men! and why not the powdering also ;)

Remember details are everything.

· You can also take a few tops/blouses to change in the middle of the photo shoot: a shirt or bleiser. Try to avoid shirts that wrinkle easily, you can see that them in the images and it doesn’t look nice.

If you have an animal at home so your clothes will have hairs, take a lint remover with you so you can get them removed.

· It is also good to remember that want your hair to be straight in the images you should avoid closing your hair because you will get depressions and it will not straighten out.

For A Boudoir Photo Session:

Everything that was already mentioned plus

· Skin cream! (Please don’t use self-tanning unless it is really light and you know that you can make it even!)

· Extra lingerie, in case you want to change them between to images.

· If you have your wedding shoes, veil or jewelry you can take those with you also. It is a nice addition to the images.

· You want to come to the photo session with loose outfits because depressions in the skin do not necessarily go away.

At the end you can see some examples what you should do.

If you have anything else that comes to mind leave a comment so I will add those to the list.


Messy hair compared to nice hair:

Which one look better? The different is huge!

Those small hairs you want to get down before taking any images, this is not bad, but the bigger hair on the right could have fixed.

In this image the hands would looked better. Using the cream to moisturize the skin so it will look more even and healthier. But this is not bad!

You can see the nail polish is visible at the thumb. It has been already fixed a bit, but you can still see it.

Thanks for reading! :)

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