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There are a lot more different techniques.

Just from google you can find new techniques that you can try. You can do different brainstorming in groups or solo.

Do you do brainstorming? Where have you heard of it?

Here are some solo brainstorming techniques:

1. Mindmaps

2. Word Storming

3. Word Association

4. What if…

5. Visual Association

1. Mindmaps

Is a visual technique. You write your center idea in the middle of the paper and just start growing the idea and your sub ideas. It is like fee associate of your brain where everything just connects.

We used this a lot in school for note's.

2. Word Storming

Write a word or two down, where you start it can be the project, challenge or just a random word. Then just start writing words and keep doing it. Don’t think! Just let your mind flow and creative new words.

After that you look at the words and try to search for some kind of consistency.

When I get an idea for something, I just start thinking about everything that could work there. After a while if everything has gone like it is suppose to, I have the image in my head.

3. Word Association

It works basically like word storming, so you start somewhere and just make up new words. The difference is going thru the words. The idea of this is that you try to get an idea/approach/synonym for the first word.

This is what I use when I am giving a theme to work with. I just go thru different words so I can see everything that is involved with that word.

4. What If

Writers use this technique just to get another perspective to the story.

So you just keep asking what if…

· Will it rain?

· will it make a sound?

· has somebody walked in?

Just to get new angle and different perspective.

I have never used this to get ideas, but I always try to go thru these options before I do a photo session. I always like to get ready for every shoot I do and go thru possibilities of different variables that could happen for example, Location shoot weather. Sometimes it is good to go thru these options and have a contingency plan.

5. Visual Association

You have images and you just go thru them. You can write (mood, colour, material anything) what comes into your mind when looking them.

At the end you should have a moodboard for the new idea.

I use a lot of moodboards and apparently this technique. I don’t write words necessarily, but I search images and collect ones that have that something. Eventually I have a moodboard what I can present to others. We can create something even bigger or do that idea that I have developed image by image.

I also talk to my idea when I feel like I am stuck with them or I know that the idea is not the final one. It is nice to hear what others think of them and how they see it. Sometimes it is a dangerous road, if the person doesn’t agree with you or starts taking the idea to another direction you will get your thoughts lost in them.

Will you try some of these or are you using these already?

Do you have some other techniques that I didn’t mention? I would like to hear of them!


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