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Camera is an equipment

Camera is an equipment, that reads light

Photographer is a human, that is looking light.

Wait, what?

I mean camera is equipment that just reads the information from its environment that we want to capture. That how light meter works or how cameras can choose the right white balance I don’t know.

What I can tell you is, that the photographer interprets these and makes the decision what they see on the screen either by your own assessment based on numerically or just looking the preview.

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So why does this matter?

This is important because, the camera is just equipment that captures the image. The Photographer defines how they will use the information what the camera tells us.

Let’s take a look at the histogram:

If the histogram is on the left the image is underexposed

If it is evenly at the center it is exposed evenly

and if it is mostly on the right it will be overexposed

There is a lot more different histograms than these three, but it is a good start. The histogram can be also in both edges. It can look different. It also depends what is in your image, a lot of contrast or really evenly light.

None off these aren’t wrong, sure you want to take a look how much the histogram is either edges, so you will have all the information in case you need them. But none off these options aren’t right or wrong. It is more about what we want from the image.

So why we need to look the histogram?

Well sometimes the images won’t tell you everything. You need to remember that the preview is just for the preview, it won’t tell you everything. If you are shooting in straight sunlight, and it’s really bright you can really see anything from the display, so that is a good time to look the histogram, so you know how you are exposing your images.

After all, it’s about how we use the light we want to behave and how much we want it to image.