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Päivitetty: 3. tammi 2020

Warning, There is a lot of text here.

I read this book that is in finnish ‘’Luovuuden Idea’’ (translated Idea of Creativity) written by Nando Malmelin and Petro Puotanen, Gaudeamus 2017. I have also watched documents of different successful persons and learned a lot, the way they think, the things that have happened, and how they feel about it after is has happened and how they survived.

I usually read books for about a month. I read this one in one week, it was only 150 pages, but really easy to read. I like to study thing that I want to understand. I have had motivation difficulties and some problems with my creativity and ideas.

This book really helped me to understand things that I already knew in a way I could apply.

What do you think that could help creativity?

Good ideas don’t come in one night, but different kinds of happenings. Someone can say something that just gives you some kind of ideas for something new. They say that accidents don’t happen, but some ideas/inventions that human have created end up in different use.

Book talk about creativity: studies about it, cultural aspects, individual and groups, different kind of creativity (good/bad), different creativity in different fields (science/art/business).

But you can learn creativity and practice it; there are different brainstorming techniques (I will post some techniques later).

Also creative people are usually well motivated and have a good sense of problem solving. There is one study that shows that there are features that creative people have that are stronger then others may have. For example, risk taking and believing themselves. Everything has two side to it. Sometimes people that should be creative should spent time alone and think. You need creativity in all fields, science, art, business, marketing. Every industry is trying to create something new and improved products or habits.

Working with groups can be a good thing and you can get all kinds of creative ideas and really create new products that do not even exist yet. But in the group you have to trust everyone there so you are confident to state your ideas and everyone has to be open minded about others thoughts.

I have had really good experience about brainstorming in groups. We had an image that had to be presented in a group and also independently. So we just started writing things down on paper, everyone had their own (I don’t remember the time we had). After that we looked thru them and started talking about them. One idea was the story of the three little pigs and we end up doing images about it.

At the same time group ideas can be quite restrictive if the group has a negative atmosphere.

Also pairs can create something amazing together. Somebody that can bring the best out of you and still create those ideas. That is priceless.

· What do you do when you need to get inspired?

· Where do you search for inspiration?

Try to get one new idea and start working with that! It can be anything! I want to hear it and how you got the idea :)


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