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I was listening to this podcast episode (can not remember which podcast) where the quest told that they needed to done about 70% of the work. Otherwise, it won’t get done.

So I started to think about this and how I work, and how different ways we work or need to do our work.

For me when I am writing really need to be almost finished, otherwise I can not continue the text. Or I need to write the headlines only and create the text later.

I have noticed that in social media and with my blog I can’t schedule the post very far ahead. For some reason I can not talk about it anymore, if the last time I worked it was two or three weeks ago. I just can’t get back to the original idea.

With images is the otherwise I need to give them time. Time to rest and be forgotten in a way. I think that this is because eyes get tired, and you get blinded by the images. Usually my mistakes comes, when I push myself working with them. Also, when I am saving the final images, when I am tired, I go like a million mistakes and that is the part when you don’t want to do them. With images for me, it really depends on if I work with one image at a time or do I have to make all the images work together. So it also depends on how I like to work with them. With the bigger amount that really needs the work together, I usually need time and I got back and forth with the image, so they will stay consistent. If I have to make just one perfect image, I just sat there and make it happen. But I need to give it time after that and valued if everything is right in the image.

But what I realized it that I have a lot of images at ‘’my drawing boar’’, that no one is seeing. Honestly I don’t know even what to do with them. I would like the idea just let someone see every image that I have taken (good and the bad ones) and hear what they think about them.

Do you just make sketches and plans? Or do you just execute everything?


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