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Entrpeneuer, why you need images?

If you business in social media, you have website or you are writing a blog you need images.

Where you need them then?

You need image:

Instagram feed and storie



Business card possible

Email list




Thank you emails or cards

Maybe even you office


You don’t need to be everywhere and all the places, you need to be where you clients are.

You need little bit different image if you are a brand or a company, are you selling services or products?

There are few good image that work:

Stock image when you are working, where you work (this can be a store or just a desk).

Self-portrait or some image of you employees, real image people working or beautiful portrait of you. It can be just working with computer or working in store when you are placing new products to display.

Image of your products! When you are using them or getting them.

You also need image that you can add text or headlines. Super easy just look an image and get all the information there. (canva.com is super easy to add text or make ads in the image).

You can use all of the same image at your website. Just talk about your business and who it works. It is so easy to look images then read a long text about it.

If you are a personal brand you should invest in good self portraits. Who is behind the business and show yourself. My most popular images are (for some reason) my self portraits.


Why you need images?

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