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First blog post

Päivitetty: tammi 14

Hi everyone!

Introducing a starting photographer from Finland.

I got my first camera about 2008(?) I think… Not sure at all. Few years after that I began studying photography at Kymenlaakso community college and after that I attended Pekka Halosen academy. I can highly recommend these schools! You really get the basics studying there in a short amount of time.

My start in photography was in away an accident. I just carried my camera everywhere and took pictures. Sometimes there were something good but most of the time it wasn’t that good. After that I started reading about it and applied to schools to study photography.

My interest in photography just grew. The more I learned about it the less I knew about it. Just when you realize that you got something, then you have to start learning the next thing.

Well today anyone can take images really easy. It is said that the best camera is the one that you have with you.

How do you take your images? Phone camera or do you carry camera??

Anyways! Reading my blog you can really get to know my photography and other interesting stuff!

My next blog post is about my self-portrait before and after images of me J AND how I took the image and what edit programme I used for it so stay tune.