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Girl and the all Pearls

Sometimes you have a thought, but the second thought is going to be something completely different.

Do you know the feeling when all the pieces of the puzzle just finds there place?

I honestly believe that ''Girl and all the Pearls'' was meant to happen.

We did first a photo shoot where some of the idea was left unexecuted so we decided to built up a second shoot with it’s own

So the second shoot was Girl and all the Pearls and I think these images are so beautiful. Everything just worked...

We did this shoot in a very tight schedule. I don’t think that without the first shoot we could have pull this one off and with good patience. We all just knew what we needed to do and what we are building. We knew each other so communication was good, which is important in a shoot.

Have to say, that light in the image was perfect. I had done the a similar light set up before, so I kind of new what the light will look like. That is not a guaranteed that it will work perfectly. But the only thing I had to do was just a adjust the lights and that's it!

Of course when you look at your work you start to think ''what could I have done differently?''. I know that I did a good job here. I think that the retouching also was executed well (it was a very welcomed challenge).

Mu favorite part of this image is Siru's eyes, I love those blue liners.

I am so grateful to be part of this. The biggest vision of this was in the hands of make-up and hair artist Tiina Willman, We could not have a better model then Siru. This editorial has been published in Elegant Magazines

Thank you for the whole team <3


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