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Good image have to be sharp, no!

Päivitetty: 20. joulu 2019

There are these ’’classic rules’’ what makes an image good or bad. Just like in paitings.

These guide lines are the kind that if you follow them you will get good images.

One of these guide lines are that image should be sharp to the eyes and all to target what is in the image.

But (there is always one)

Not always!

Sometimes these un-sharp images really work and give another dimension to the image and the feel of it.

Some images should be sharp, like sport images (here is also an exception to the rule), informative product images or basic portrait photos like a president portrait that is not trying to be super artistic (you can get an artistic feel to the image in many ways).

If the image works well like it is, who care if it is un-sharp?

The real problem in un-sharp images is that usually the sharpness is an accident, not intentional. So don’t deleted un-sharp image until you have seen them on the computer!

The other problem is if you want to take an un-sharp image you should take all the images in the set is then un-sharp, all your images will be un-sharp. So you really want to be confidence that it will look good and you know what you are doing.

You can un-sharp image a bit in Photoshop, in the blur gallery. I have done it, but the result is really hard to get nice and genuine looking. So I don’t have the perfect recipe for that, yet.

I think that always go the successful image first (and what the client wants).

Thank you for the

Model Katariina

and Anna Nuutinen for the make up and hair


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