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Having a dog in a photo session

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I got a chance to do a photo session with lovely Mauri and Roosa. Mauri is under a year old Frenchbulldog. Cheerful, energetic and playful, Mauri has a wonderful character. I have done one photo shoot with Roosa before this and she has a bit more experience then Mauri.

Having an animal in a shoot you have to prepare well. Mauri had treats, toy and water. We had a lot of small breaks and once we even went out.

It is important to clean the floor, if you will have a puppy there. They can smell everything and be very quick in their moves. Everything that could get broke just place them higher or into another room.

First I let Mauri get to know the place we were at and get to know me of course, so he wouldn’t be scared (really, this was no concern). You never know how animals react.

While shooting the model has to be patient and keep up to good looks for the shoot, whatever the animal does. First Mauri was interested at making funny sounds and waving hand, but at some point that was not enough. Dogs start to be ignorance or look for something else to do and trying to get out of your lap. After this you can give treats or have a toy in your hand so they will look at the camera. If you have the owner at the photo session they can ‘’entertain’’ the animal better then to photographer, because the animal will follow the owner better.

Be aware to take a lot of images!

It is hard to do a shoot with two people and get good face expression. Any kind of animal, especially with a puppy you will have some difficulties.

It is good to remember that older dogs are bit different then puppies. Older dogs can be more calmer and trained more and that is why they could be more patient.

Each dog is an individual and their owner knows them best.

You should asks tips: Does the dog recognize words or likes certain voices, will it get exited by high voice or cute talk, does the dog get excited really easy and just be really calm in the photo session?

Overall doing a shoot with animals, that moves a lot you should keep your shutter speed as high is possible, aperture quite small and studio lightning really wide. Shutter speed being quick it doesn’t matter if the animal moves a lot. Aperture being small and the depth of field being bigger so you don’t have to worry about sharpness. If the lights are wide it doesn’t matter where the animal is there will be light anyway.

Thinking about these set ups when the animal is active and moving, you can just concentrate on taking a good image and not thinking of the lighting or sharpness.

After these instructions I must admit that I did exactly the opposite.

Have you had a photo session with an animal?

Did something funny was happened?

Leave a comment! I would like to hear funny stories :)


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