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How to improve your photography skills?

Päivitetty: 14. helmi 2020

So a lot of people say that to become a good photographer, the only way is to take images and practice it. That is true.

I think that there is more to it then just taking pictures. So here are couple of my thoughts about it.

To do! Importat! How to improve your photography skills

Taking alot of images you will learn to photograph and know your gear. Practicing it you well get confident. However that is not the whole truth.

  • You need to look at your images alone or with somebody so you get feedback and you will be critical of your images. Of course you can be happy about your images. My favorite images are still the ones that I have taking years ago.

  • The sooner you admit that something is not working you will get better. You don’t need to explain or make excuse’s. When you are at a location you need to make compromises all the time, but in studio that is not always the case.

  • Find your own style and make a decision if they are good ones or bad ones.

  • Try! Try and try new things! It doesn’t matter if it works. You never know when you need some information you have tried earlier, all experience is good.

  • Take your time in the photosession.

  • Enjoy each photo session, let accidents happen


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