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How to tolerate a sense of failure?

What is really brave or scary?

Our minds plays these games with us a lot, looking for horror pictures and where can everything go wrong, even worse what if we succeed? What if we don’t have enough or know how? The task of fear has been there to protect us from danger.

Avoid risks where our lives are at stake.

In very few cases, in our lives being threatened when we fail. Of course, the mistakes always fell bad. But it is good to remember that there is one similarity in all success stories, they have been making mistakes, learned and grown from that.

As a child, fears are more understandable and fears are allowed. As an adult, it somehow changes, everyone should know and know. In my former job, I asked how one thing was done and got an answer from my colleague that I didn’t have to know it, they can take care of it or I can leave it to others. The funniest thing here was that we were working alone.

The only certainty that exists is uncertainty and must be tolerated it. Everything which is associated with a potential success, also associated with the reverse side of the coin, namely the failure of it.

‘‘’Do one thing every day that scares you’’ - Eleanor Roosevelt

Dealing and accepting feelings of insecurity and fear is obviously the best way to reduce stress on them. Naturalizing them is acceptance and you give yourself the feeling that you are coping with situations that cause fear, for example.

If you never get into situations like that, you also don’t learn to be in them.

When you’re in those situations already, so it’s better to just cope with it and not think about it more than what can be done? Of course, there are things that can be calculated in advance and work where nothing is simply allowed to go wrong. However, behind it there is always a human and we just make the mistakes.

How we can reduce the risk of failure is to practice, try and plan. We can make the mistakes by ourselves and thereby gain experience.

We are all wondering about the things we are afraid or scared about.

No one really wants to be wrong or fail. On the other hand, who has time to follow our failures or even necessarily hear about them.

It is good to remember, that hardly anyone does them on purpose.

Perhaps more important thing, is that what do you do in a situation when you have failed or made a mistake.

How do you deal with your own fears or uncertainties?


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