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Chapter - 2

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People and nature is not that different. You need to look beyond and feel what is happening around us.

Then try to even further with it.

I watched the Netflix document ‘’My Octopus Teacher’’ and it got me thinking about my last weeks blog post about the water paint -series. I talked about this in my Instagram that I have been walking there many years and taken a lot of images. Now I am trying to see it in a new way, so I just keep on going there, and you will get a connection.

That is the key when you are taking an image. You need to connect to the subject or anything that is in front of your camera. You also need to connect to your camera, know it and understand how it works.

The more I take the image, the more I will finds these connections to the subjects. For example water and people have always interested me. What is happening under the surface, there is this constant change going on and still we can look the same but be different. You can find so much to look for both of them.

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” ― Robertson Davies

I honestly don’t always understand what I see in every image. But it is not always what you see, I think it is what you see and feel. The same image can be seen in multiple different ways and get us to feel different ways.

Photographers can impact the image so much just by cropping the image.

What do you think?


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