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Päivitetty: 10. joulu 2019

There are different kinds of techniques to be creative and get new ideas.

How do you get ideas? Where do you find them?

This blog post is to help your mind to develop new idea. Here is some techniques that I use and things that I have noticed that works for me and helps me getting new ideas for images.

Creativity comes basically using the 4P’s

  • Person

  • Product

  • Process

  • Preess

These are four different things that can explain creativity. This was also something that I read. It is so true! Your involvement gives you so much creativity, also you give yourself possibility to get creative and process how creative you can get!

1. Feed Your Mind:

  • Talk to people (you can get new perspective to look at things)

  • Listen to people, music or nature, anything that helps you!

  • Look around, doesn’t matter where you are look. Ideas can come from something that you see.

  • Observe if something happening or not happening.

  • Read magazines, books, ads, instructions, anything where you can see, learn or get inspired.

  • Search, sometimes I just search for new photographers or images and get inspired how they have used light in it. Seeing that what is possible.

  • Do new things or go to new places and get out your comfort zone

2. Brainstorming

  • Do it like an exercise

  • Be open minded

  • Give yourself time to do this and concentrate on just being creative

If you have trouble getting started (and I talked about this in my last post):

  • Give yourself a deadlines

  • Start somewhere, anywhere but start

  • Save your inspirations and go thru them (I do a lot of mood boards so I just go thru them and connect new/old ideas together)

  • Give yourself ideas, they can be anything!

  • Let your mind rest, for example go for a walk (my thoughts always gets clearer and I get the ideas there)

Next blog post has some solo brainstorming ideas for you to use J Here are some that I use and something new for me also :)


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