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More about posing

Päivitetty: 3. joulu 2019

Last tips were about standing pose and this is for a sitting pose.

For some it is easier to stand (here is the link to that post) and others it is easier to pose sitting. Some can work with both and others need practice for both of them. Which one works the best, I don’t have an answers, it depends a lot of thing and one of them are the clothes.

Here are a few tips to concentrate on for sitting:

  • You don’t really want to sit on the chair or the stool.

  • You can cross your legs, keep them on the floor or you can keep the feet a bit higher. If there is a place you can put them. If you have heels it can restrict the poses, but it can also bring more possibilities.

  • Keep your knees a bit sideways to the camera unless the photographer want’s you to have them straight towards the camera.


  • you can keep them relaxed at your thighs, but keep them visible.

  • Cross them like in the standing pose

  • You can lean your head a bit like in the image.

  • Remember again your posture! Back straight, shoulders a bit back and head held high! When posing sitting you really want to be in a good position, because it will be seen easily if you are in a lazy posture.

Remember that you can break these tips. These are just tips that how you can improve your posing in images. There are no right or wrong, just overall tips that I have notice that works usually for everyone.

Model posing is totally a different thing, they know that they are doing and crazy things can work!

Hope you learn something new :)


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