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My favorite photographers!

So this post I will talk about photographers that I follow and whose images I like. This is just a small list.

In this list there are a lot of well know photographer. These are not in any order.

(The names are blue to get directly to the website)

· Herb Ritz (He took beautiful black and white images and portraits. I have seen so many of his images and not even knowing that. If you can go and see has exhibition!)

· Annie Leibovitz (I am reading her book at the moment; I can write a post about it if you wish. Portrait photographer, she is a master with light. I could not find her website!)

· Horst.P.Horst (Classic fashion images. Just beautilful)

·Bert Stern (He has taken some well-known pictures)

·Bill Cunningham (I don't think that he has even a website. He was a street photographer in NYC. I just know some of his fashion magazines images. But I think that he has a lot more images to publish that we have even seen.)

· Ellen Von Unwerth (She is really active at instagram. She has taking images of a lot of celebrities. I saw her exhibition at London and highly recommend going and seeing the bigger images if you can.)

· David LaChapelle, he takes these overwhelming images that are perfect. He’s images will take you in another world.

· Robert Mapplethorpe (He was more an artist who found photography thru that. He has some interesting images, but also really beautiful captures. But he wanted to shock people, so I think that was the reason to his extremely images.)

· Cindy Sherman (I can’t stop looking at her self-portraits. She has made them so well and the details are amazing.)

· Helmut Newton (He has his own museum in Berlin go and see his images there)

· Man Ray (His images are so interesting, and in a way timeless I personally think.)

· Symons Broziak, (I his admire work. I saw his work at Berlin and his work is amazing. Details, lights, ideas and still the images are so simple.)

Finnish photographers:

· Juha Arvid Helminen (I got know this name at school. He honestly his own thing, I never seen anything similar, but the images are really good. It would be nice to see his exhibition)

· Marko Rantanen (Just go and see)

· Eero Kokko (Lightning is really really good)

· Juha Mustonen (Editorial, portrait.. Go and see personal work)

· Nadi Hammouda (I just love black and white images. He does that)

· Samuli Karala (He has some fine images, fashion and portrait photographer)

I absolutely know that I have forgotten someone at this list. There are so many good photographers out there that I haven't even found yet. But at least this is a start ;)

Psst. I will do a social media list as another post


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