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Old to something new

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So I challenged you to edit an old image on my previous post.

I also decided that 2018 I'm going to concentrate on my editing skills. I have tried new trick, new color tones, Capture One editing program. Overall just tring new things and get a lot better on editing images and retouching.

Finally I think that I am able to see the results of it!

I’m so exited to show you an image that I have taken October 2017 and the image that I have edited then.

I chose this image because it was taken almost a year ago. Just when I started to try out new things. This image has endless possibilities that you can do for it.

Then I did a lot of black and white. I still like it lot and I would like to do it more. There are so many possibilities and you can just concentrate on the light of the image.

I have to say that I still like this edit.

I edited this image all over again from zero. I edited it this week. Did the retouching again and made it in color.

I wanted to try a gold/warm tone to it. Editing is done with Photoshop.

I feel like I have found a new Photoshop!

So what you think? Which one is better??

I can almost guess that many of you will like to color one! :)

Thanks for reading!

Have to say a very special thanks to Amanda (@Amandahakalax) from Paparazzi model management!

Have a wonderful holiday season <3


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