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One color theme inspired photo session

Päivitetty: 14. tammi 2020

Cupido and Valentine theme. Color in this photo session is red! This photo session is a good example that let ideas grow.

I am learning new things and getting out off my comfort zone. I am now working with colors and honestly pushing my limits. So prepare yourself to red overload.

Our model was Otto H. from Modelpoint agency and MUAH was talented Tiina Willman at this shoot.

I will let the images speak for themselves.

I highly recommend to use photo or light gels in front off the light, because they are intended for that use. You can change the color of the light for fabrics, but the studio lights will get hot so don’t but them on top off the light or cover them. Even gels can melt to the light if it is too close the light bulb or direct contact to the flahs bulb . I have heard stories about this so be careful!

Thank you Otto and Tiina for this photo session!

Happy Valentine’s day!


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