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Part of skin retouching

I have talked about this in Instagram and got messages about this.

I have talked in my blog about what happens after a photo session where I talked a little about photo editing which you can find here.

Usually people mix photo editing with all kinds of things. Editing means that it is an over all fix, with light and/or white balance.

Retouching is when other thing that are focused on ’’bigger’’ fixing. Retouching is usually where skin, hair or background is fixed or putting images together.

I must say that in a normal portrait session I don’t do all the same editing as I would in a beauty image. There purposes are totally different.

But why do I do that:

  • These days cameras are so accurate that I can even see each hair strand on my computer screen.

  • I personally think it depends on the image, what is it for and why we are taking it. I want to take the best image as I can.

  • Skin is a very unique thing. There are different skin tones in small areas of the skin. Not even make-up can cover everything.

  • So just fixing all of these small things just concentrate the image, the over all image and everything that we have worked on.

  • You cannot always do everything in the photo session so sometimes retouching just gives you the liberty to work how you like to. Someone might think that an image is perfect just the way it is, and sometimes it might be like that. But often I notice that when editing an image and/or retouching, it just takes the image to another level.

The idea of a good retouch is that you don’t even notice that the image has been fixed somehow. It is just so easy to look at.


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