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Päivitetty: 14. tammi 2020

This year my first photo session was a simple studio session with Miia.

It was just the two of us at the studio and we decided to make a really natural look. Sometimes with some people you just get the whole idea that works really easily. This is what happened with Miia. Natural look, that both of us were thinking about.

I did the studio light as a soft light that would resemble natural light. This was the first time that I tried this. Will see if this year brings softer light to my images.

Sometimes it is hard to developed new light set-ups and solutions, if you really like some light set-up. Although really classic studio set-up works always. Sometimes the space is not big enough to make a creative solution, so you just do the same tricks with small changes.

I have to admit that this experience is something new and really successful and inspiring for myself.

Thank you Miia for this photo session <3


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