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Photo session post, Natalie


I have always thought that I wasn’t totally natural light photographer, but after these image I started to wonder if I was.

The day was grey, but luckily the was a lot of windows in the room. We did the photoshoot in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Helsinki.

There was this nice blue wall in the room, which we took our best images.

You will find some editing material at also!

Thank you Natalie / Umodelsnyc

What you think about the images?


In the edit video you can see the first version of it. I did not try it first and then record. I fixed the final image after the editing so there can be a bit of difference there.

Sometimes I like to record my editing. You can really see what you have been doing there and how many times you are going back and forth with the editing. Sometimes you spend a lot of time to these small details.

So the wall in the picture is not whole and I built the left side there. Firts I thought that I would leave it there. I felt that fixing it will make the image better in a way and brings more dynamic to it.

So what do you think?

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