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Today I was going thru some different photography websites, blogs, article and news and it hit me.

What is photography? Is it only an image that captures moments and time?

A lot of small things change the image:

  • Crop

  • Angle

  • Which side you are taking it

  • What are you leaving out

So these decisions affect what does the image tell to us.

But I never realized until this moment that putting an image in context it is a totally different image.

Here me out!

Few years ago there was this woman who had gotten her image from some starting photographer. The photographer had sold her image in these stock photos. She found out that her face is being used in all kinds of content. This is the way that image are used in different environments and telling a story.

What about giving your image a name or leave it with out a name!

That decision can make a huge difference the way someone looks your image. I personally think, that what order you do, it impacts the way you look at the image. I don’t have any science to back me up on this.

If you read a headline that says

’’Divers working in the 21th century’’

Compared to

’’Offical portrait photo session of diver what to pay attention''

I would click and look the image in the first headline, but the second one I would read.

Which one you would read?

Even if you open the story behind the image or series can take the image in to another dimension.

I am not saying that you have to share your story in every photo or give a good name for it, but if you find perfect examples yourself with each of these that I just mentioned, you will get my point.

So just think about it, don’t think that anybody cares what happened or how you got the idea. Just think if you have more to tell to any image.


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