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Photographers and their style

Each photographer has their own style. It is, in away, a uniqe way to see everything and work with your equipment and environment.

I don’t think that you can copy an image, you can replicate it. But taking an exact image is hard, specially because you don’t know how it was done, Photoshop or not, what is an accident and what is not.

I know some photographers that have the same camera that I have, but still taking totally different kind of images then who they are. Same time I am thinking how did they do that?!

Things that impact in you images:

  • Camera

  • Lens

  • Light

  • Environment

  • Crop

  • Photo height

  • f-stop

  • Time

  • Iso

Anyway back to the photographers and there style. Each photographer like’s something or really know how to work with something.

I like to work with front lighting with a strong back light, and I know I can make it work. I am good with lines, I did not know it until a photographer said that ‘’I could never take a image like that’’. In that moment I realized that that is how I see things and I can make it work in the image. My eyes ‘’rests’’ when I see lines and it calms me.

Editing is also a big part of the process, it doesn’t matter if you choose not to edit your images. It is still in a big part of your style. I like editing and honestly I don’t always even know what I will do with the image or even know what I have done.

It is important that the image works and you like it.

What usually is done in editing

  • Lightness

  • Contrast

  • White balance

  • Crop

  • Black and White(?)

  • Working with colours and tones

  • Dark areas and light areas check

Still I don’t know my style as a photographer. It always changes and grows the more I take images and learn. Also curiosity helps to work your style.

Just try to recognize your strengths.


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