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Portrait photosession

Päivitetty: 16. joulu 2019

So I needed a couple portrait images for my website. I just made a ‘’model search’’ at my private Facebook account.

I got a lot of contacts for my friends, so it was hard to decide.

So Jan sent me a message, that he was interested. He is not a model and I have never done a shoot with him. The idea of this image was created so that Jan plays the ukulele and we could do shoot about that.

So portrait of somebody just tells something about this person.

Before reading this blog post to the end.

What do you think this image tell’s about Jan?

Location was hard to find. I asked what was an important place for him: nature, city or home? He told that natures water and rock out crops.

I wanted there to be the sea not a lake or river. Sea is really big and strong. It has really enormous power. The rock just suited in his character. Jan is so calm and I just thought about calm sea (however sea wansn't calm at all, but it still works).

If you an unsure about the location go and see it before the shoot, but trust your own intuition about these things!

Can you have the same feel of the image?

Do you have an portrait idea that you would like to execute?

Thank you so much for this Jan!


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