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Portrait session with Teemu

A lot of people who has a brand and work with their own personality need a lot of different kind of images. In different situation, different season and all kinds of media.

If you have need for images, you should think that if you have just one long photo session in studio, home and/or some location. It is a good idea to have different kinds of clothes with you so you have various images to use.

You don’t always know where you images end up.

Last week images that I took with Teem Ramstedt interview was published with Helsingin Sanomat about chronic diseases, it was done by Mediaplanet.

For this interview we took images inside and outside, so we good have options to choose with.

Even with small changes and angle you can have big deferens to the image. As a photographer you have to be really inventive, thinking fast and have simple solution. Having a photo shoot in different environment has always a challenge, but you have to win them.


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