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Posing tips!

Päivitetty: 3. joulu 2019

This post is all about simple posing tips!

I did a post earler about how to prepare yourself for a photo session which you can find here.

Now back to the posing tips.

I would start from the feet. So you want to keep your feet at different levels and lean onto your other foot. You don’t want to look like a robot.

Your hips can be relaxed and a bit side ways to the photographer.

Hands can be crossed or relaxed down.

  • If they are crossed you want to show you fingers.

  • If relaxed down you can put the other hand infront on your thigh and the other next to your thigh, they don’t have to be straight down.

Fingers, keep them relaxed together or apart the same amout. Don’t try to keep them together tight or too straight.

Shoulder are critical, if you are not wearing shoulder pads. You want to have good posture. Everything starts from the shoulders. So keep your back straight, shoulders back. Your posture can easly go over so don’t over do it.

Head, you want to carry yourself with pride. The same good posture you want to keep up. Keep you chin a bit up (photographer will tell what is the correct level).

You can be a bit sideways or straight towards the camera.

Small over doing works well in images, but also looking relaxed and easy. Usually the pose looks easy, but it is quite stiff.

Hope you will find these tips helpful!


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