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Sometimes you have these long, probably desperate moments, when you feel that your own work is just not good. You can even feel, that you can’t get the kinds of images that you wish or they just aren’t good.

I have had these feelings so many times. Usually it means that you are going somewhere. You are getting better and developing your own style. Being unhappy with your own work and disappointed, it means that your standards are improving and it is time to go to a new chapter.

That feeling is usually just for a short time, and it will go away when you notice what is wrong and you can get a successful feeling.

I have had this feeling with studio light set-ups. I will always use these favorite tools to work with. I know how to use them well. Sometimes you will get bored with your style, because you are doing the same thing.

Then you will find the new cool thing that you will learn to use.

I watch sometimes videos from YouTube, where I can learn what others do from light set up’s or image editing. I look at these every now and then. Sometimes you don’t see anything useful and sometimes you can use the information later.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration and new ways to look at things. Dissatisfaction for your own work doesn’t have to do with your equipment or your knowledge, it is more about finding something new.

Photoshop allows you to combine so many things these days and it is quite easy.

You can find inspiration in movies, other art, books or anything that is happening around you.

More about inspiration and more here and here.


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