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Real thing behind creativity

Päivitetty: 12. tammi 2020

A person seems to have the most creative solutions when they are under pressure, when you really have to create something. On the other hand sometimes thoughts just comes by accident, when you are not thinking about anything special at all.

Creativity and getting new ideas are not always the problem. The hardest part is to execute them. I am not talking just art or photography, every day basic life sometimes needs some kind of imprudent. Creativity can be replace with question ‘’how to do better?’’ And that’s it.

I have a notebook where I write image ideas. There are a lot of ideas, which I haven’t executed for some reason. Most of them are because I make up reasons why I can’t do it. Or sometimes I just give them time (which means I forgot them).

Creativity usually means that you are creating something new. Creative ideas are usually different and new to you. That means, that no one has tried or tested them before and nobody knows how it will work or how people will response to it. For example, Nokia had a touch screen idea, but Apple created it.

The only way to know if it works, it is to try them. Somebody else will eventually if you don’t. Or you can just try to improve it. Just take the idea couple steps further and get exited about it.

Self-employed have an advantage. It you have a new idea: product or new way to do something that will help you everyday you can just execute it, if you want to.

Just remember that don’t restrict yourself, believe in your idea and you are ready to put time and perhaps money in it.

The thing is that new idea’s doesn’t work necessarily the first time and the bigger the thought, the bigger the risk.

I am my own critic of my ideas. Usual excuses could be money, time, learning something new. Challenging, testing or developing. Usually the hardest part is getting started and how it should be executed!

The most important is to have a direction where you are doing, perhaps a plan and passion.

Small changes to the ideas are not always noticed, but the small little changes can lead to a big one. The best part is that if it does not work you can always go back to the original idea. Sometimes they bring new thoughts.

Failure is ok, but nobody like’s it?

But funny thing about failure is that it is the reason why we have new idea’s, just to improve the old ones and drive things in better direction.


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