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Selfportrait - Behind the scene

Päivitetty: 3. tammi 2020

How did you think that my self portrait is taken?

So here is ‘’the behind the scene’’

I just had my camera on the tripod and took the image with Wi-Fi connection.

Image has been taken with a tungsten light which is probably the most terrible light that exists.

I loaded a 30-day trial for Capture One. I have wanted to test it and really learn it so I did it for this image. I did the color editing there and recouping with Photoshop.

Here is before editing:

Raw image, before editing

and image after colour editing in CaptureOne:

Editing at CaptureOne

I did edit the image a bit at Photoshop, I fixed the hair and adjusted the tone.

I got this idea because I bought flowers that same week and just thought they were beautiful and like to use them in photos. I didn’t have a model availed so I decided to update my self-portrait for my portfolio and website.

Have you ever stopped and looked at your selfies and really think

‘’what does this image tells about me?’’

What kind of person do you think I am looking at this image?

What do you like about the final image?


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