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There are a lot of things to do when you work as an entrepreneur, and usually you do everything by yourself. Last week a talked about this on Instagram, I got good feedback for it so here is a blog post! There are different sites / programs for what I use.


A good site for visual design. There you can do almost what only marketing materials. Small / light edits are capable of making images. Easy to add text or picture for any layout really.

Adobe Bridge

This is a free program apparently today. I recommend acquiring if you work a lot with images and on a computer without editing them. It is a good program to rating the pictures and to go through big amount of images and add keywords to the images as well as metadata.

Lightroom is an Adobe program as well that is able to make a lot of the same stuff, however, is charged. Lightroom is also an editing program for images, and you can also get in mobile. Images can also be used to edit lightly on your computer and phone in your pictures or preview.

There is also computer own picture preview, where you can change the image size or make quick limits through it, so there is no bad way to do. It depends on what is your own needs. Sometimes I use them instead of Adobes program.

Creator studio

Facebook has built a side for social media management, that is to say timed posts.

For social media and marketing I use Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. But there are a lot of different apps/websites where you can be. Most important is where your clients could be.


Where to get easily done with the brand colors.

Google different sites

  • Speed Insights

  • Analytics

  • From

The thing for everyone is worth exploring is SEO, because without the need for understanding Google Analytics you have to take a look at your SEO.

To transfer or sharing files



Hope you found something new!


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