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Päivitetty: 10. joulu 2019

My Monday morning I started planning my whole week. There was something that needs to get start and just get it done for each day.

It is said that starting is the hardest part. I think that just thinking about something a lot, helps you to get started (and I mean big things, like big goals etc.). But the smaller things, just having a deadline for each task helps you to get all of them done. It also helps you to get a bigger picture of everything that needs to get done so you will achieve your goal.

I am still struggling with this. My problem is not so much about getting started, but finishing them is the hardest part. Deadlines don’t help me, because a lot of things just come at a short notice so I just put them aside and just keep moving the deadline forward until I just have enough time for myself. But my deadline need’s to be so that ‘’ I have five hours to sit here and get everything done, that’s my deadline. I will get so much more done and started!

But this is just my personal issue, for examples cold calls.

I think that is important to just remember the feeling when you succeed and get all the tasks done. The more you do, the more you enjoy.

I have noticed that the small things, like answer an email ‘’okay, that will work for me. Let’s do it then.’’ Stresses me more then bigger things. There are always these small things that needs to get done, but not in a hurry and they would only take a few minutes.

So I just do them first. Then I can concentrate the other stuff that will take more time.

I am also a big fan of to-do lists, they help me a lot to see everything that I have to do. I don’t have to think (or try to remember ‘’did I forgot something’’), I can just check really easily and if my plans change I will have a list for to next day.

So for each of us we have our own way to get things done that work really well. Do you have any tips for others? Or do you even need to set your brain in a mode to work really hard?


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