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The book about Annie Leibovitz at work

I honestly don’t even remember when I read this book. But I got it as a Christmas present and reading it took me a while.

I enjoy it a lot and I recommend it. It inspires.

In this book you have a bit of everything. But the thing that I liked to most was the whole story.The book starts from the beginning and tells her story as a photographer. There are names, stories and thoughts behind the picture.

She tells stories how some images was created and her thoughts.

How she got her first job as a photographer and how the story begins.

But I think that the most valuable stories that you can never know what happens and which things take you forward in your career. Also, when you gain more experience how you start to think differently.

Have to say that, it is so interesting to read how some images have been created. How to ideas has come with a conversation or just an idea of the moment.

I am not going to reveal too much.

You don’t always need a big team behind the images, just a good image. Old images inn general are so beautiful and interesting and the images has created just with a model. Good image is a good image. I was surprised that how some images has created, but you can surprise yourself by reading the book.


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