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What comprises the price?

Päivitetty: 17. joulu 2019

The title says it all!

You ask for a quote for the photo, he tells you the price and you wonder if it is fair or not?

Here's what the price is all about, if your bill is 300 € as a photographer, the amount is not the photographer salary.

NB! These prices are not mine or any acquaintance, and expenses are not my expenses. These prices are examples and are used in order to facilitate equal numbers. Everyone has there own cots.

The price usually includes 24% VAT + other YEL charges and any mandatory taxes

300 € - 24% VAT = 241.94, € which is already 58 € off the price, this is therefore a tax levied by the country.

The remainder goes to social security contributions, withholding tax, etc. (deferred percentage):

241 € - 28% Tax = 189 €

189 € is deducted from the running costs of the company.

Any monthly costs the company may have:

  • Telephone (20€ / month)

  • Website (10 € / month)

  • Rent (200 € / month)

  • Water / heating (20 € / month)

  • Programs (20 € / month)

  • Memories (cloud / hard drive)

  • Photo upload service (10 € / month)

  • Stock

  • Accountant (100 € / month)

= 380 €/ month + surprise expenses, such as broken equipment and the purchase of new equipment

Now let's get to work itself.

What a 1h description requires:

  • Contacting the client and email replies about 30 mins, this varies greatly from client to project

  • Preparations in the studio 30 min or packing equipment (per photographer)

  • Descriptions 1h

  • For recording images 20 min

  • Scroll through selection images 10-30 min Depending on the amount of finished images (ie failed scenes removed so client can see best ones)

  • Sending selection images (possibly, if client can choose the image which will be edited) 10 min

  • Image processing 1-2h (Depending on what the images are made and how many there are)

  • Transmission 20-40 min

  • Billing 15 min

That is, about 2-3h total work, from one hour of shooting

The end result is that with one 300 € filming per month, a loss was made to the photographer, which left them with no salary for this description. 300€ shots should be done for at least three per months to pay for each monthly expense.


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