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What would I have liked to know?

Things that no one told me about these things in school or my internship place.

Usually you hear that photography indstry is not an easy world. There are competition and you need to work hard, but that it almost in every indsrty where you start as an entrepeneur or in life general.

So here are a couple of things that I would have liked to have known:

  • It is said that you can take a 10 000 pictures before you will get a good one. No one ever says that you will send the same amout of emails before someone answers.

  • In the real world no one will give you feedback and if they do, it usually is not nice.

  • The world changes so will you and your photography and your interest to it.

  • All the gear will be updated and you should do it also sometimes. Good objectives will last, thought.

  • Gear will also brake and time will so them to last use date.

  • Choose your gear, you don’t need everything. Also choose the things that you think that you will need later (good tripods never get old).

  • There are a lot of decisions that you need to make. You can choose whatever you like. (Every decision it not always the most client friendly, but it can work to your advantage)

  • Each photographers story is individual, just work your own path and concentrate on that!

  • Learn how to use excel and work with it everyday (yes, I have a lot of different excel where I do follow ups at my work).

  • It is okay to say no if some work feels strange or you don’t have the time. It is better for the client and you.

  • Everything always happens at the same time. You are traveling and clients want to book you then.

  • Try new things, apps, editing style or anything but work how it is best for you!

  • Mistakes will happen to everyone. You just have to deal with it.

Hope here was something new for your thoughts!


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