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When does black and white images work?

Sometimes images work better in black and white than color.

I personally like black and white images. I think that black and white images are more timeless than color. It just captures light and the moment. Colors won’t take the attention, the attention goes where the image is sharp.

For me black and white just takes everything extra away. I don’t know, but then nothing really bothers me in the image. I feel a bit restless when I look my images in color. Furthermore, I used to edit color pictures first in black and whiten and when I was done I just took the black and white layer off. Then I looked the colors, most of the time the image was excellent.

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” ― Ted Grant

Do you notice the difference?

You can use black and white images as an effect when telling a story. If you wish to have more timeless style to your image I recommend to look in the old images, the picture and their shades and contrast.

Which one you prefer more: Black and whites or colors?

So when you should try to convert your images to black and white?

  • Surfaces, work well in black and white.

  • Textures, stand out nicely from the images in black and white. However, the contrast must probably be added to this.

  • Light / shadow if the image has a high contrast, e.g. in situations or silhouettes.

  • Shapes If you want to focus on the shapes they work well in black and white. Remember that lights and shadows also take shapes well.

You can get your mobile phone pictures in black and white with the phone's own fillers. If you don’t like them, you can go to set the saturation or saturation to zero and edit the image however you like. This removes only the tones from the image and does not make any other changes to the image.

Also, if you have a good image of yourself, and you want to use it multiple times, turning it to the black and white (just check it that it looks good and works well) you can use it more often. Because it will look a bit different from the image that has colors.

But there are moments when black and white just won’t work. So neither one is the right choice, you have to go by the rules of the image.


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