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Why image are fixed?

I used to think that Photoshop created image editing.

I was wrong.

In school my teacher told me that, sometimes they would add a good sky from another image even back when film was only used.

I really enjoyed working in the darkroom. Focusing really on what you were doing and it is so different when you are working with your hands. I have done only black and white image in the dark room. I would have liked to try color image also, but those black and white image tout me so much.

Working in the darkroom you are masking that is so familiar what you are doing when using

Photoshop for example, with brush tool. In the darkroom you just can not undo your mistakes.

I think it was red what added contrast in the black and white image.

We also decide how bright the image was made.

Here is a couple of image that I have taken in film and worked in dark room. I scanned these so in the original image the difference is a lot bigger. If you look at the image really carefully you can see the difference at the image.

So these things that we do in your almost everyday with our image, photographers and printmaker were doing in the darkroom.

Today you can just filter your image, you can even save your filters.

Do you edit your image or filters?


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