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Why photographers say Smile!

Päivitetty: 10. helmi 2020

When you are taking a portrait it is very important that everything is right in the image.

I mean posture, mouth, eyes, clothes, lighting and background.

  • If you are in the image, you are telling your story, what is it?

  • What is your brand?

  • What do you want people think when they are looking your image?

  • What kind of person are you?

An artist image can be a bit different then a normal LinkedIn profile picture.

You really don’t have to smile in the picture.


Smiling in the image effects a lot of things:

  • Eyes

  • Mouth

  • Of course your whole facial expression

  • Posture

  • How relaxed you are?

Your eyes will shine when you smile, so you will look relaxed and confident in a good way and easy to approach.

When someone is looking at your image, you cannot speak so the picture tells everything about you.

Looking happy in the image, the most important is the eyes and then the position of your mouth. You want it to be up, not down.

That is the reason why photographers ask you to smile. But when it is not natural it does not work the same way.

Getting a good image doesn’t depend on your smile, I have taken several very serious looking image and they also work. Most important thing is to understand what works for you!

More tips about posing, you can find here and here!


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