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Why shoot with RAW

Päivitetty: 20. joulu 2019

In your camera you have JPG and RAW files.

You can take images with both files just the other one.

I highly recommend you to take images with raw files, especially if you are going to edit them.

I started to take images in RAW even before I even really knew what it was. I was just told to do it, especially because of the editing.

So here are a couple of reason why you should do it:

RAW files are bigger files with more information to work with and save for the images. (This is honestly the thing you really need to understand).

It means that:

  • Images are higher quality

  • It has more information in the brighter areas in the image (JPG has 256 levels of brightness when a RAW file has 4,096-16,384. This really helps the tones go really smooth in the images bright areas.

  • There is also more information in the darker areas, which means that it is easier to correct the exposure.

  • You can adjust the white balance. In JPG, white balance is in the image compared to RAW files were you can just click and change them in the editing.

  • RAW also effects your details, you can find more details.

  • RAW is Non-Destructive. It means that none of the information is always there you cannot overwrite the information.

So RAW just helps photographer to work and rip all the information from the image.

RAW is a big file size. Nikon’s RAW files are named as NEF.

I always save my final image to JGP. Many apps do not recognize RAW files.


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