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Why you want to invest your photos!

People take a lot of image today and they publish them or share them somewhere, so I will say that everyone reads image a lot better then they used to. Everyone looks there image and think what good is there and what needs to take better ones.

If we are thinking about marketing in social media good image is huge benefit. A lot go the image it looked a very short amount of time so stand out in a crowd is important for the image and also the text. When you look at ads there is almost always a image, and the image is part of the text. So if they support each other, to client will look at the image knowing what is it about and then reading it more from the text.

It is said that one image tell more then a hundred words, but if we will look one hunred image it is important that the message is told in the image.

So that is why you should take time to your image.

Also do not under estimate yourself, or think that you shouldn’t be seen or employees.

Special if you have a small business or you work with clients show yourself. I am a photographer, and I take good image of others., but still my favourite images in Instagram is my self-portrait. Showing my self also helps me to be more recognised, so the client is not seeing me for the first time when we meed (in a way).

You should be you for your self-portraits, is it you or you at your business you. Taking your portrait is about you. So you should think that okay, here I am when you are looking your images. More tips in photo session here and here.

You should think the same way about your products and your workplace. A lot of times we found ourselves looking information, and sending a request about it. So think how you can lowers the customer's buying threshold. In this case knowledge does not increase pain, it makes it easy.

So showing were they will come and your products helps them to know more. I like to look what kind to building am I looking for or I don’t always remember the name of the product, but when I see it I know it is the one I am looking for. It makes it more easy, because I can see what I am buying.

Remember that small details give information about the brand.


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